As we emerge cautiously from the lockdown and a period of what may have seemed to be running hibernation, a common question I am being asked is which way now?

Before the 12 week lockdown many runners were emerging from winter training and looking forward to the warmer weather and Spring races which included half and full marathons.

When the rug was pulled from under their feet in late March with the Lockdown and corresponding race cancellations training may have altered with a return to autumn or winter training with a corresponding focus on ticking running over through working the aerobic system (endurance).

Now as restrictions appear to be easing what does a runner do now? Will that race which was cancelled earlier in the year go ahead in Autumn (e.g. London Marathon) and is it worth the gamble of returning to marathon training in the hope that it does goes ahead? Alternatively does a runner develop pace on the basis that when racing returns there is still hope for a late season personal best?

Without a crystal ball we do not know what lies ahead for the next 6 months but decisions relating to training and performance need to be made as we head into summer. No one runner is the same and as a coach I have been working with athletes to discus their options and plan accordingly. For some this means returning to marathon training (though it could be pulled if their particular race is cancelled again), for others it means using this period to develop other key elements of training such as running technique, cruising speed or further conditioning the body to take the desired load next winter. If you are one of those people asking “which way now” why not contact me on to see how I can help?