During these uncertain times, just the process of undertaking a run within the current restrictions may be problematic. Some people may live in an area where they can enjoy the spring air while keeping to the guidelines on social distancing while for others they may have no option but to work on an indoor treadmill. 

I was talking to one of the athletes that I work with recently and made the point that the current lockdown and accompanying government restrictions may be in place for quite some time. As such, unless you are lucky enough to have a physio in the household there may be no opportunity to see one for an extended period of time. On that basis there are certain things you can do to reduce (though not takeaway) the risk of a need to see a physio. So my two tips are:

  1. Keep on top of your mobility and flexibility work, remembering to warm up and cool down.
  2. Monitor the training load. Would it be better to lower the volume or intensity per week so that there is less overall strain on the body? You may decide to keep the loading at a level appropriate to the time of the year when you have finished racing, with the aim to tick over with sufficient fitness before you start to undertake specific training again.

Best of luck and stay safe.