With the results of the 2018 London Marathon ballot now out, you will know whether you will be lining up on the start line in London or whether you will be taking on the challenge at another early season marathon such as Manchester or Edinburgh.

Whatever race you are aiming for, if you are planning to undertake a Spring Marathon it is important to start to plan out your training and racing schedule. Winter is when I aim to put the initial training building blocks in place so that I can then increase my mileage.

Coaching tip:
1. When planning training work backwards from your race date to your start point.
2. When planning races think in terms of your overall goal which is to run a marathon and then consider the purpose of additional races e.g. enter a 20 mile race to practice marathon pace running.

If you would like help in planning your training or need a training programme specific to you then please get in touch with me on castlecoachingfitness@gmail.com