It is coming up to 3 months now since I started working with the Stafford Tri Club on their running discipline, taking them for track sessions on a Tuesday night at Rowley Park Stadium.  So how has it been so far?

Well the turnout has been very good, with new people coming down to us all the time as the word spreads.  The commitment and enthusiasm of those who have been able to attend has been great to see and as a coach it is always enjoyable to work with athletes who want to learn and improve.  After only a short time I can already see improvement in a number of the triathletes, which demonstrates the benefit of regular sessions and being able to build on the work of the previous session to aid development.

During each session I have incorporated warm up activities and worked on the different energy systems with the triathletes, observing their session and providing guidance on technique.  I have also been able to discuss the sessions with them afterwards and get feedback on what they found easy/hard and why.

As we approach winter training I am looking forward to working further with the members to put in place the building blocks of training they will need to help them attain the goals they set themselves for next year.