Step into Summer

Start to build for the future

With our 12 week plan

  • Would you like some structure to your running?
  • Wishing you had more motivation?
  • Want regular contact with a coach either in person or virtually to keep you on track?

If so why not sign up for our 12 week support plan to develop your training base and prepare the foundations for the future?

For £70 you will get:


Goal Setting

An initial consultation to ascertain your current training, discuss your future goals and agree on training plan content


12 week bespoke plan

Written specifically for you and can be adapted to meet your changing needs over the period

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Regular updates

Weekly updates with the coach to discuss your progress, any issues arising and options for amending future training   


Then get in touch to see how we can help

Please provide us with any other information you think we may need, e.g. how long you have been running for, goals you are working towards etc.

The plan allows me to plan my week and see steady progression in my improvement .


A bespoke plan helps me to keep focused on weekly training goals and see the bigger picture as I progress towards a specific goal.


A plan for you takes into account your ability, the hours you have available to train and the distance/event you want to train for.